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Frequently Asked Questions

The services available with Internet Banking and the Mobile App are:

  • Check transactions and balances of all account types offered by Generations Bank.
  • Confirm which checks, deposits, withdrawals and ATM transactions have cleared.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Download transactions to financial platforms.
  • Receive account alerts and e-statements.
  • Make mobile deposits.
  • Make scheduled payments with our free bill pay

For your security, we require that every Internet Banking customer has a unique login credential.

Closing the app in the background will immediately log you out of the app. It will also ensure that the app opens with the most current banking information the next time you log in. For the same reasons, it’s equally important to log out and close the window when using internet banking on a web browser.

Your Current Balance is the money that is in your account at the moment. Your Available Balance includes your available line of credit and any Memo posts that are pending at the time of your inquiry.

 An asterisk means there is a memo post that is pending at the time of your inquiry. Common Memo transactions include debit card transactions, line of credit advances, and ATM activity. When the bank processes the transaction, the Memo will be removed and a debit or credit will replace it. The one exception to this process is a debit card transaction. If the merchant where you used your debit card does not process that transaction the same day, the Memo debit will be taken off your account and your account will be credited back the amount.

If you forget your password or enter it incorrectly, an error will be displayed on the screen and allow you to login again. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, you can click on “forgot your password.” This will allow you to create new login credentials. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, your account will be locked. This means that you will have to contact the bank and ask if your internet banking account can be unlocked. The bank representative will be able to generate a new random password for you.

Check images can be viewed on all check transactions except for current day transactions. To view a check image, click on any of the following options: Current Statement, Previous Business Day, or Previous Statement. Click the hyperlink in the “Check Number” Column of the check image you wish to view. This will display the front of the check. To view the back of the check, simply click the “View Back of Check” link. You can also use the Check Image Search. This allows you to search by check number and date.

Yes, you can use our free Bill Pay to pay a person or a company that has an account outside of Generations Bank.

Your deposits sent via direct deposit, ACH, or transferred from another Internet Banking account will post on the business day in which they are received.

Yes. Visit your mobile banking settings to view the login options available.

Most loans can be paid by Internet banking or Mobile App. However, some loans require special handling. If a payment option isn’t available, please contact a bank representative. Other payment options include: Having a payment automatically withdrawn from your account monthly or mailing the payment every month.